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Whatever the subject, I take pride in skillfully creating a landscape or portrait of a person or pet, distilling what you love into a beautiful and unique painting that will bring you joy for years to come.  Paintings can be commissioned in a variety of sizes and I offer excellent pricing.  I look forward to talking with you about your one-of-a-kind painting using either your photos or photos I take for you.


Size and Orientation

Where are you going to hang your painting? What size will work there?  Do you prefer a horizontal or vertical orientation? What do you want to include in your painting?  Colors? With this information, I can get an idea of how I can best capture and create a meaningful painting for you.


Sizes and Prices

I offer a variety of standard sizes. As paintings get bigger so does the complexity. Let me know what best suits you. When we decide on a size, I will accept a deposit, with the remainder due when your beautiful painting is complete!



6x8             $   95.              12 x 24      $  450.         

8x10           $ 150.              18 x 24      $  650.        

9x12           $ 200.              22 x 28      $  750.

11x14         $ 300.              24 x 36      $1000.

12 x 16       $ 360.              36 x 36      $1400.

16 x 20       $ 400.


Custom and larger sizes can be arranged.


Please contact me by clicking this link and we can get started with your painting!  


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